Providing a ROADMAP for Michigan’s K-8 classrooms



students served in 22-23
students to be served by 2025
teachers using Roadmaps
teacher retention
school districts served
increase in student engagement
decrease in disciplinary referrals


  • Michigan schools are in crisis, ranked #33 in the nation overall and #43 in fourth-grade reading. Test scores have been dropping across the board since 2014, and our kids are falling behind.
  • There is a persistent shortage of qualified teachers, with high turnover rates, fewer education degrees conferred, and existing teachers overburdened and undersupported.
  • We must modernize our approach to education to give Michigan students and teachers the tools they need to succeed.


  • The Center for Digital Curricula’s Collabrify Roadmap Platform is a device-independent educational environment that supports deeply digital, highly interactive, collaborative learning in K-8 classrooms.
  • The Center’s free, OER Roadmap curricula are guided and informed by Michigan educators according to state standards, and they are easily customized by teachers to better meet the needs of all their students.
  • The Center’s Roadmap resources enable fun, interactive, collaborative, experiential learning for all students and includes accommodations for struggling learners. Classrooms that use them have seen increases in student engagement and achievement, as well as decreases in behavior problems.
  • Funding the Center enables the development of core curricular and supplemental content aligned with state goals. The Center recently received a grant from the MEDC to create K-8 supplemental resources about EVs and mobility.
  • With additional funding, the Center can expand its efforts to develop new resources to further support success in the classroom. The Center is currently working to develop an AI- powered grading tool that enhances the productivity of teachers and students.



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“Working with Roadmaps has elevated my teaching.”

-Puja Mullins, English Learner Coordinator, Lincoln Consolidated Schools

“Having the learning tools and content on the Roadmaps 
platform has been a game changer.”

-Will Lepech, Assistant Principal, Kent City Elementary

“The Roadmaps platform promotes voice, choice, and agency. It leads to 
better engagement, improved behavior, and improved learning outcomes.”

-Dr. Carlos Lopez, Assistant Superintendent, Ypsilanti Community Schools

“I cannot imagine teaching without Collabrify.”

-Monique Coulman, 7th-8th grade teacher, Lansing School District

“Collabrify enables teachers to focus on instructional practices 
rather than building the lesson.”

-Allen Cummings, Superintendent, Tri County Area Schools

“We are seeing more students progressing more quickly towards 
their growth goals than we did prior to implementing Collabrify.”

-Stefan Pitcoff, Director of Innovation and Instruction, Ecorse Public Schools


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