Meeting the Challenge of Reopening Schools – 2021

Deeply-Digital Curricula Provided by the
UMich Center for Digital Curricula Enables Seamless Learning

WDigital curricula can make learning at school or learning at home seamless; digital curricula can enable learning to be continuous, regardless of location.

The Center for Digital Curricula is providing deeply-digital, standards-aligned curricula for K-5 for ELA, science, math, and social studies! The Center’s highly-interactive, inquiry-oriented, colorful, visual curricula not only engages the GenZ-ers, but it also supports synchronous collaboration, helping to create a community of learners whether students and teachers are sitting at their kitchen tables, or sitting at their desks in school. The Center’s Collabrify Roadmap Platform enables teachers to monitor their students, in real-time, seeing what the students are doing and enabling the teachers to provide them with real-time feedback.


 Making Learning at School and Learning at Home… Seamless 

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 Social Studies Roadmaps Overview 

 Science Roadmaps Overview 

The University of Michigan Center for Digital Curricula provides teachers with standards-aligned, vetted, deeply-digital curricula.

We also provide teachers with the tools to adapt (localize, individualize) curricula – to replace their disappearing textbooks and help them leverage their newly-minted 1-to-1 classrooms.



Without deeply-digital curricula, 1-to-1 classrooms fall short of their learning potential.





 Collabrify Roadmap Platform 


How We Help.

Using the Collabrify Roadmap Platform, educator teams create deeply-digital curricula. Educator teams then vet those “Roadmap” lessons/units. Quality resources are then made available on OER websites for open use!


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