Deeply-Digital Curricula Provided by the
University of Michigan Center for Digital Curricula
Enables Seamless Learning

We offer deeply-digital, standards aligned curricula for K-5 for all 4 academic subjects: ELA (MAISA), science (NGSS), math (Eureka), social studies (MAISA/MCs & GIANTS).

Getting Started with Roadmaps!

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1. Creating an Account & Giving Google Permissions

Get started 

How to create an account?

How to give Google permissions?

2. Accessing the Curriculum

 Roadmap Library on 

How to get a Roadmap from the Repository?

How to get Roadmaps from the UMCDC website?

3. Navigating & Modifying a Roadmap

Roadmaps can be personalized to fit your students’ needs. 

How-To-Videos for Teachers or visit the Need Help? tab for further



How to find a lesson in a full-year curriculum Roadmap?


How to add a teacher as a collaborator on your Roadmap?

How to make a copy of a Roadmap?

4. Student & Teacher Versions of Roadmaps

Students go to

Teachers go to 

When you finish your Roadmap and want to send it to your students, you can also send this student link to them.


How to see the difference between the student and teacher versions of Roadmaps?

How to get and share your Roadmaps with students?

5. What to do for the First Week of Class?

Check out the First Week Resources tab .

We recommend beginning with the

UMCDC My first Roadmap (K-2)

UMCDC My first Roadmap (3rd grade and up)

 Introduce parents to Roadmaps “UMCDC Explore a Roadmap! A Map for Parents”.

Roadmaps work on Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Roadmaps also work with the latest version of Edge released in 2020. -use W3C-compliant browser
For Roadmaps to work at school please whitelist these URLs: UMich.CDC URL Whitelist for Roadmaps Word Document 


T Create Commons license: “CC BY-NC-SA, Credit must be given to the creator, only noncommercial uses of the work are permitted, adaptations must be shared under the same terms.”

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