Supplemental Lessons for K-8, Michigan Classrooms

Electric Vehicle / Mobility BrainVentures:

Building Knowledge and Career Skills in EV/M and
Building Pride in Michigan’s National Leadership Role in the EV/M Industry

In the tables below, we identify the educational value for teachers and learners when using “BrainVentures,” supplemental lessons developed by classroom teachers from Michigan, who are partners in the UMich Center

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Teacher Recruitment

MICHIGAN, K-8 Teachers:
Pilot the Center’s “BrainVentures” on EV/Mobility

Help engage today’s children in exploring tomorrow’s new careers!

The Center is looking to work with K-8, Michigan classroom teachers to pilot engaging supplemental resources on Electric Vehicles and Mobility. “BrainVentures” are highly-interactive, collaborative, visually-engaging, and explore the science of EV/M and explore careers in EV/M. Continue Reading »