Combining Two Passions: Making Music & Helping Children Learn

Combining Two Passions: Making Music & Helping Children Learn
Henry Stallings III, 3rd Grade Teacher/GEA Exec Board Member, Grandville East Elementary School,
Grandville, MI

I have been a teacher for more than 20 years. I am always looking for new ways to increase student
engagement. One day, the light bulb appeared over my head and I realized, “I have been a musician
even longer than I have been teaching. I should try combining my two passions and create something.”
So, I began writing educational songs and producing videos for them. To my surprise, these videos have
truly engaged my students and more importantly, the students actually remember the content and want

No Listening, No Learning” teaches students how to take ownership of what they do in the classroom.


Rhyming Math-9” helps students remember those pesky multiples of 9 in a cool, catchy rap performed
my students. These videos and many more are on my YouTube channel @thetruemrstallings or Google
Search “thetruemrstallings”.



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