Meeting the Challenge of Reopening Schools – 2021

Deeply-Digital Curricula Provided by the
UMich Center for Digital Curricula Enables Seamless Learning

COVID-19 has taught K-12 that “learning at school and learning at home” must be seamless. Using digital curricula can make learning continuous and seamless, regardless of location. Providing** just such deeply-digital curricula to K-12 is the University of Michigan Center for Digital Curricula’s mission. To that end, then, on these web pages you will find high-quality, deeply-digital, standards-aligned curricula that supports a range of instructional strategies, e.g., from inquiry to teacher-led, from solo work to collaborative work. (See pictures of classrooms where those – and other – strategies are being employed.)

The UMich.CDC creates its deeply-digital curricula – Roadmaps – using the Collabrify Roadmap Platform. (Click here for a table of the curricula we currently offer.) As Collabrify is browser- based, Roadmaps are device-independent (e.g., Roadmaps run on iPads, Chromebooks, Fire tablets, laptops, etc.). Roadmaps are graphical lessons containing sequenced (links) learning activities (nodes). It’s easy for students to know where they start, where they are going, and how they are going to get there. Each student has a Roadmap lesson on her/his computing device. Students can easily work together, synchronously, on a Roadmap; students can also talk, through the computer, to their classmates and/or the teacher.


 An Example of a Roadmaps Science Lesson 

The UMich.CDC is making whole-year, deeply-digital curricula available under a Create Commons license: “CC BY-NC-SA, Credit must be given to the creator, only noncommercial uses of the work are permitted, adaptations must be shared under the same terms.” Indeed, we encourage teachers use Collabrify to easily localize, individualize, personalize the curricular Roadmaps to better meet the needs of their students.

For those new to Collabrify and Roadmaps, we suggest you visit the Getting Started tab in the drop-down menu under the Curricula tab. For more assistance, the UMich.CDC offers webinars to help K-12 educators use its deeply-digital curricula effectively. Please check out the Events and Professional Development tabs for more details on those webinars.


Check out how children are using Roadmaps in the classroom!


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