Kent City Elementary School, Kent City, MI

Mrs. Nicole Andreas and Mrs. Billie Freeland of Kent City Elementary School, Kent City, MI
In their third and fourth grade classrooms, during 2019-20, Andreas and Freeland are using Roadmap-based, NGSS-aligned science curricula.

Third Grade

Roadmaps can be used to supplement other materials such as additional books and websites. As seen in this picture, Roadmaps is being used alongside traditional paper-based methods like the posters.

Activities from Roadmaps can also be translated into traditional paper-based activities.

Fourth Grade

The whole class can collaborate using Roadmaps as seen in these pictures where students as a class are creating a model and guidelines to follow for their individual models.

Students creating animations using Roadmaps.

Working collaboratively on the Driving Question Board using Roadmaps.

Teacher leading Collabrify ActivityStudents working on computersStudents working on computersTeacher helping students on computerStudents working on a computer


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