Haas Elementary School, Genesee County, MI

Mrs. Monique Coulman and Mrs. Soni Cummings of Haas Elementary School, Genesee County, MI
In their third grade classrooms, during 2019-20, Coulman and Cummings are using Roadmap-based, NGSS-aligned science curricula.

Students are learning about squirrels on Roadmaps. This allows them to simultaneously work on different tasks at their own pace. You can see a group of students working collaboratively on the carpet (on L1.7) while others work individually at their desks (on L1.5 & L1.6).

Students using Roadmaps in the classroom.

Students work independently on Roadmaps, while Mrs. Coulman provides help as needed.

Mrs. Coulman explains how to use Roadmaps.

Differential Instructions

Setting the Lesson Plan

Revising Models

Students explain how they accomplish tasks on Roadmaps.

Constructing Models

Answering Video Questions

Revising Models

Using Roadmaps for Social Studies